services list

  • Divorce proceedings

  • Alimony & Child Support

  • Custody & Child Abduction cases

  • (Cross border) visitation rights

  • International Prenuptial Agreements

  • Inheritance & Probate cases

  • Last Wills & Testaments

  • Debt Collection

  • Commercial litigation

  • Commercial contracts & Agreements

  • Company & Credit reports

  • Employment disputes

  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes

  • Torts & Indemnity Issues


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    Family Law/Divorce

    Divorce, alimony, child support and other family law issues are hard enough to handle in your own country. If you are married to someone who has German citizenship or is domiciled in Germany, or if you have children in Germany, you need expert help to avoid serious disadvantages.

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    Inheritance laws and probate proceedings in Germany are different from other countries. We are experienced in advising and representing clients who have inherited property in Germany. We also assist in drawing up wills and other legal documents related to German estates.

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    Debt Collection/Litigation

    Pursuing claims in your own country is sometimes hard  enough. Across national borders you are lost without the help from an experienced professional. Debtors have many legal rights they can and will use against you if you can't manage to stay one step ahead.

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    Business across borders requires unambiguous contracts and agreements that will not leave it to chance whther you may have the upper hand in a possible dispute. International trade is not only ruled by the laws of one nation but also by international treaties and conventions. We will help you to make your cross border business with Germany successful.

Private Clients

Family Law

If you have been served a divorce motion, or a lawsuit for alimony, child support or custody, we can insure that you will not suffer from any unneccessary disadvantages due to lack of legal advice or representation. In divorce and far most of other family law issues German law demands that both pareties must be represented by counsel.

Sometimes simply not properly responding to a court's notice within the legal time frame can cause financial harm that may be hard or impossibly to remedy later. And a response in a language other than German and/or not signed and filed by an attorney admitted to the court may simply be ignored.

If you receive mail from a German court it is almost always a serious issue and demands not only your full attention but also legal advice.


Have you received a notice from a German court about an inheritance? Or have you just learned that a relative in Germany died and you are not sure if you inherited? We will help and guide you.

Being the heir to a relative or friend who died in Germany does not always and only mean a gain in property and assets. It mostly is connected with legal issues like co-heirs, administrative effort, taxes and other problems.

To deal with it is hard for someone who lives in the country. It is almost impossible for someone living abroad, especially if he is not speaking German. There will be dealings with the German authorities, the land registry, tax & revenue office, probate court, public utilities, landlords, co-owners, realtors, and others. And things have to be done quickly to avoid unnecessary costs and expenses.

Other Legal Matters

You need a German legal document (will, contract, agreement etc.) drafted or scrutinized for you?

You have bought goods or services in Germany and are now facing problems?

You are or have been employed by a German company and you are being laid off or your salary is not paid?

You rented an apartment or house in Germany and now your landlord is not reimbursing your security deposit?

You sold something to a German buyer who is not paying you?

Or did you have a traffic accident in Germany?

Contact us and we will help you exercise your legal rights in Germany.

Corporate Clients

Debt Collection & Litigation

Whether you have large accounts with many debtors or just a single unpaid invoice for goods or services delivered to a German customer. Time is of the essence. The chances of successful collection is the better the earlier the process is being started.

Debtors don't care much for dunning letters from abroad. With a border or even an ocean between you and them they mostly feel rather safe and comfortable ignoring your reminders or even the letters from your domestic lawyer. We prove them wrong. We are your long arm across the border.

Even better to know your customers before they become debtors. We provide reliable credit and company reports on German corporations and small enterprises alike.

Contracts, Terms & Agreements

Good advice is usually much less expensive than litigation.

Giving your cross border business a head start and avoiding future problems, we provide tailor made contracts or scrutinize your German counterpart's terms and conditions for you, before you sign anything.

Cross border trade bears many risks and pitfalls. We know the national laws and international treaties and conventions that apply to your case. And we help you prevent your business from failing before it has even started.

No matter if you intend to sell to or buy from a German company, whether you intend to hire a German based employee or agent, or if you need to set up a business premises in this country. Contact us for advice first.