About Us

In 1992 German lawyer Andreas Langner set up his first office in a town near Lake Constance close to the Swiss and Austrian borders. Two years later his Firm became debt collector for a big Austrian mail order company. Others followed and We began specializing in cross border debt collection and commercial litigation.

However, Mr Langner always kept a balance between commercial and private clients as two of his favorite fields of practice always were and still are family law and inheritance. For many years he is a member of the International Society of Family Law using their network and conferences to help clients and to enhance his own professional development.

After the launch of our first website in 1995 we more and more developed into an international legal service provider. Since 1997 we worked together with the Taiwan based law firm of attorney Mark Koeh. In 1998 we started a close cooperation with a debt collection company in Paris, France. In 1999 Mr Langner was invited to speak as an international debt management expert on a convention in Singapore. The same year we started close cooperation with advocate Shiva Ratna, a lawyer in Bhadohi, India, which successfully continues to date. In January 2000 Mr Langner got noticed by European TIME Magazine who reported about his firm and the chances and developments in cross border debt collection business.

In 2001 we started a cooperation with the renowned Hong Kong based law firm Livasiri & Co. in the field of Sino-European business joint ventures. In 2002 Mr Langner gave a series of seminars to different industry and business organisations in and around New Delhi about chances and risks of Indo-European trade. Several major Indian newspapers reported. The same year we worked on our first Sino-German industrial joint venture project together with our Hong Kong partner.

The year 2004 was the first we generated more than 50% of our turnover from international (= not German based) clients. In 2011 our website was offering online registration and online services for clients for the first time. Currently 99% of our clients are based outside of Germany, more than 75% from North America. We represent many active and former US military members in German family law matters.

why choose us

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    Nationwide Assistance

    Attorney Andreas Langner is licensed to practice law in most German courts of law. Civil law and civil procedures are uniform in Germany and so we can represent our clients and argue their cases anywhere in the country with the same expertise and quality of service.

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    Experience and Reputation

    Your case is too important to chose a less experienced attorney. Andreas Langner has dealt with international civil law cases for more than 20 years and has successfully advised and represented hundreds of clients from 20 different countries.

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    Focus on International Clients

    We have more that 20 years of experience with cross border legal cases. Cases involving more than just one country are always bearing special legal issues that require not only the knowledge of those countries' laws but especially expertise in the applicable international laws and treaties, like e. g. the Hague Conventions or the CISG.

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    We are used to working with international clients, and we know what they expect. Our communication and the relevant paperwork will be entirely in English. You will not be expected to sign anything in a language you do not understand. Our billing practices are according to international standards, either hourly rates, flat fees or according to special agreement.

The Team

  • Attorney at Law, law graduate from Freiburg, bar exam in Stuttgart. Law license since 1992. Admitted to all local, district and (since 1997) all hight courts in Germany (i. e. Amts-, Land- + Oberlandesgerichte).

  • The wife of attorney Andreas Langner is a trained business assistant and law graduate from Tübingen. Right from the start she has been organizing the office and is also handling debt collection cases on her own.