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Information... an important tool -sometimes even a weapon- that can help you being ahead of your competitors, or just to avoid wrong business decisions.

In cross border trade it is even more important to know your foreign business partner, because a legal dispute in a foreign country would be much more difficult and expensive to handle than at home.

So, if you intend to do business with a German company, better get to know who you will be dealing with.

For over a decade now we are providing legal and business information on German companies in English language quick, reliable and at a fair price.

We don't just forward unchecked old or preprefabricated standard reports like others do.

Each of our reports is thoroughly investigated and drawn up individually for you!

Credit Reports

Truism but still true:

"you'd better get to know your clients
before they become your debtors!

We are providing information on German based companies fast and inexpensive. Each report is in English, up-to-date and individually investigated and drawn up for you!

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Download sample report here (pdf)

Our terms for company information reports are currently being revised. If you wish to obtain a company or credit report please contact us for an offer.