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We are a specialized small firm. And this is your advantage.

You will always be treated as an "important client", regardless of your size and problem and we take the time to consider your legal matter with the necessary attention.


Our office has handled thousands of debt collection cases, and Mr Langner has successfully represented clients in countless commercial litigation cases in courts all over Germany.

We have helped clients from all continents to pursue their claims against German based opponents and to collect outstanding accounts.

Reasonable Fees

Our fees and time based charges are competitive and reasonable, our fee system is transparent.

Commercial Clients

For our commercial or corporate clients we are offering special business related services.

We advise you in all legal fields related to doing business in Germany:

Full Service Law Firm

We are located in Germany. That way you are much closer to your business partners here. Still we will act and represent you as if we were your local domestic lawyer. We are always close and reachable.

Normally there is no legal matter we cannot handle. If needed we are closely cooperating with experienced experts out of the special fields your case may require (e. g. tax advisors, patent attorneys etc.).