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Divorce & Family Law

Divorce, alimony, child support and other family law issues are hard enough to handle in your own country. If you are married to someone with German citizenship or domiciled in Germany, or if you have children in Germany, you need expert help to avoid serious disadvantages.

Inheritance & Probate

Inheritance laws and probate proceedings in Germany are different from other countries. We advise and represent clients who have inherited property in Germany. We also assist in drawing up wills and other legal documents related to German estates.

Debt Collection & Commercial Litigation

Pursuing claims in your own country is sometimes hard enough. Across national borders you are lost without the help from an experienced professional. Debtors have many legal rights they can and will use against you if you can't manage to stay one step ahead.

Working cases all over germany...

Specializing in cross border legal cases for clients from all over the world, we represent our clients in court or out of court anywhere in the country. Attorney Andreas Langner is licensed to practice law in all local courts (Amtsgerichte), district courts (Landgerichte) and high courts (Oberlandesgerichte) all over Germany. Ha has argued cases in the courts of all major German cities.


Our clients are mostly private individuals and small to medium sized companies most of whom are located in the United States and Canada. But many are also from Australia, the UK, Ireland, India, Israel and many other countries.

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Mr Langner will be visiting clients in London.

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Mr Langner will be attending the yearly conference of the Israeli-German Lawywers Association in Tel Aviv.

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